mobile services


We offer a full suite of mobile video products, bringing the action from the stadium to the screen of your mobile phone within minutes. We work quickly, accurately and concisely. Following five years of trusted partnership with Austria’s biggest mobile operators we know what we are doing.

unas media was one of Europe’s first movers in terms of implementing UMTS near-live video content production. Together with Mobilkom Austria, unas media launched “Video-Goal Alerts”, match highlights and weekly summaries of the Austrian Football League in September 2002. Due to live-feed connections, unas media is able to produce the video alerts (consisting of video, metadata out of the in-house LAOLA1 live football database and pictures) within 3 to 5 minutes to the full satisfaction of our customers.

We have an ideal mixture of youthful, highly motivated sports journalists, video technicians and data engineers all in one location. This gives us tremendous flexibility and the resources to produce customer orientated applications. Our team is especially experienced in developing tailor-made applications and solutions. Our newsroom is available almost 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (incl. our in-house database).


- near Live Productions
- mobile TV
- loopchannels
- conception and development
- eventproduction
- clip editing
- graphic animations
- encoding services

- Austrian Bundesliga (near live goalalerts, match highlights, highlights)
- German Bundesliga (match highlights)
- UEFA CHL (near live goal alerts, match highlights, loop channel playout)
- wintersports (alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country)
- loop channel playout
- football World Cup Germany 2006
- 24 hour DVB-H channel playout